The Horsch Chisel Ploughs


Terrano FX

Tiger MT

Tiger MT


Our Chisel Ploughs have 2 distinct models

As time is a great factor in crop production the capacity of the TERRANO is determined by speed and width. High working speeds up to 20km/h cut down the machinery costs per hectare considerably.

Fewer passes promote good soil structure and increase the fertility and yield potential of arable soils.

The all-rounder HORSCH TERRANO features an extensive range of use. From shallow stubble cultivation to intensive mixing of soil and harvest residues.
The Terrano FX is a compact 3-bar chisel plough with a 3 to 5m three-point mounted design and the option of three trailed models in 4, 5 and 6 m width, for deeper cultivation of up to 30cm.
The generous frame height of 85cm and a tine spacing of 30cm guarantee non-stop work all day, even under heavy trash conditions.

Independent tests have proven that the fuel consumption is 20% lower compared to all competitors.
The maintenance free auto-reset system on the TerraGrip tines, is an effective stone protection with 500kg release force - very suitable to deep cultivation (up to 30cm) on heavy soils.

The tine mounting is designed for stability and durability to withstand extreme conditions such as rocky and stony sites.
The TERRANO is fitted standard with 8cm points, guide plates and with Mulch Mix wing coulters, totalling 37cm overall width. The overlap of 7cm at 30cm tine spacing, guarantees that the whole surface is cultivated.
Optional hard metal facing is offered with carbides for multiple increase of service life.

The Roll Flex roller on the Terrano FX is a proven concept that combines the benefits of strip consolidation, while leaving the land smooth and ready to plant.


High working speeds
Up to 20 km/h achieving high acreage per day.
Roll Flex packer roller
The Roll Flex system is a proven concept that combines the benefits of consolidation while leaving a field smooth and ready to plant. Four ring packers evenly spaced with levelling tines in between provide excellent performance in variable field conditions. The four ring packers can “flex” for a self cleaning action in wet conditions without use of scrapers.
Joker roll flex packer roller
Levelling discs
Independently mounted set of discs with spring-loaded overload protection. Long life quality bearings using oil filling and is sealed with a cutting blade. This technology is proven for low wear and to be maintenance free.
Joker notched blades
MulchMix wing coulters
37cm wide with 8cm points for excellent mixing, levelling and mechanical weed control making weeds and volunteers to germinate rapidly
Joker rubber mount torsion bar
TerraGrip tine
30 cm lifting height, 500 kg release force and maintenance- free.The release force declines with growing deflection and after having overcome the obstacle, the tine draws itself back into the soil.
Jker maintenance-free bearings


The Tiger MT is a highly cost-effective solution for those looking to enter the field of reduced tillage. It is a combination of a heavy duty disc harrow and a chisel plough and completes an impressive line-up of the Horsch Tiger implements.

Built around proven, innovative components the Tiger MT is capable of carrying out a number of operations as trash / stubble incorporation and soil loosening in a single pass.

With working widths from 3 to 8 m, the MT models feature a  disc, tine and roller configuration, which comprises a double row of large 680 mm discs followed by two rows of TerraGrip tines with MulchMix shares, a set of covering discs and the well proven large Horsch tyre packer roller. This arrangement not only firms the ground to depth but also leaves a fine, level, weatherproof finish.


Combination of disc harrow and chisel plough in extra heavy duty design Disk harrow & chisel
Large serrated discs of 680 mm, all individually mounted, cut the crop residues
Incorporation and intensive mixing even of long-stemmed crops.
Prevents the formation of a disc harrow cultivation horizon.
Large underbeam clearance of 850 mm allows deep loosening of up to 35 cm.
Hydraulic adjustable set of covering discs to ease operation allowing no-stop work
Hydraulic overload protection of TerraGrip tines with a release force of up to 800 kg.
3 - 8 m working width for tractors from 110 – 440 kW / 150 – 600 HP.
Serrated disks