Shallow tillage in perfection

With its 6 bars the Cruiser mixes and distributes excellently. Due to the clearance at the tine shaft of 700 mm even large quantities of organic material are no problem.
The working depth is adjusted via the support wheels at the front and the packer.
The Cruiser XL is a 6-bar specialist for shallow and medium-deep tillage. The available working widths range from 5 to 7.5 metre. It is equipped with the HORSCH spring tine which rests unobtrusively in the frame and has a release force of 150 kg. The cultivator can be equipped with all four different cultivating point version and thus can be used in all seasons.
The chassis of the Cruiser 5 and 6 XL is located behind the tine section, in front of the levelling tools. The chassis with its large wheels is used for road transport as well as for turning on the headlands. The 7 XL turns on the packer and thus protects the soil, as the weight of the machine is distributed over the whole width of the machine on the headlands.
The sophisticated design characteristics of the chassis guarantees high ground clearance when lifted as well as a save swivelling of the tyres out of the working range when lowered. The position of the chassis has been chosen to guarantee optimum manoeuvrability in the field and high driving comfort on the road.
To be able to make optimum use of the tractive output, the Cruiser XL is equipped with a fully integrated tractive power amplifier that transfers weight to the rear axle of the tractor with 1 200 kg while working. It is activated by switching the control device for lifting and lowering to a depressurised condition, without any additional control devices or cylinders.



Of the Cruiser XL

  • The specialist for shallow and medium tillage


    • Intensive mixing of harvest residues due to 6-bar frame design
    • All-over cutting during stubble cultivation
    • Excellent levelling of the field
    • Production of the fine soil in the seedbed

    Details Cruiser 10 and 12 XL

    • 10 m and 12 m working width
    • Excellent stability for highest tractor powers
    • Working depth is adjusted via the robust, well-proven AluClips
    • Working depth up to 15 cm
    • Double RollPack packer for intensive consolidation
    • Disc levelling with maintenance-free bearing in front of the packer
    • Well-proven frame concept with revolver chassis: (cf. Joker 10 / 12 RT and Terrano 10 / 12 FM)
      • Maximum driving stability on the road
      • In the fields it always turns on the packer and the depth control wheels (optimum weight distribution, stability for quick turning manoeuvres)
    • HORSCH spring tines: Combines consistent working depth and the ability to move to the side and upwards to avoid obstacles.

Double RollPack packer

Disc levelling in front of the packer

HORSCH spring tines


  • Specialist for the shallow tillage in 5, 6, 7.5, 10 and 12 m working width
  • Perfect stubble cultivation with optimum straw distribution at a maximum working depth of 15 cm
  • The narrow tine spacing of 15 cm guarantees an optimum mixing ratio and a perfect crumbling on the surface
  • The varied packer range guarantees an optimum seedbed on all kinds of soil in all conditions

The cruiser xl


  • Central element to determine the working quality
  • Depth control
  • Different consolidation depending on the requirements
  • Perfect working quality in wet and dry conditions
  • Appropriate germination bed for volunteer crops and weeds
  • Rough, loose soil structure for medium and heavy soils
  • Final finishing of the seed horizon
5 XL
6 XL
7 XL
Working width (m)
Transport width (m) 2.99 2.99 2.99
Transport height (m) 3.30 3.70 3.99
Length (m) 10.21 10.21 10.50
Axle load (kg)* 4 950 – 6 300 5 600 – 7 000 6 800 – 8 300
Support weight (kg)* 850 – 1 350 850 – 1 500 1 200 – 1 900
Tyre size support wheels 400 / 60 – 15.5 400 / 60 – 15.5 400 / 60 – 15.5
Tyre size chassis 550 / 45 – 22.5 550 / 45 – 22.5 445 / 65 – 22.5
Number of tines 33 39 49
Tine spacing in one row (cm) 92 92 92
Tine spacing (cm) 15.3 15.3 15.3
Maximum working width (cm) 15 15 15
Frame height (mm) 600 600 600
DA control devices 2 (+1 hydr. depth adjustment) 2 (+1 hydr. depth adjustment) 2 (+1 hydr. depth adjustment)
Horsepower requirement from (kW/hp) 145 – 220 / 200 – 300 205 – 295 / 280 – 400 290 – 395 / 390 – 530
Adjustable drawbar linkage with ring hitch ball joint Ø 42 or 51 mm Ø 42 or 51 mm Ø 42 or 51 mm
Linkage adjustable drawbar ball hitch coupling K 80 (mm) K 80 (mm) K 80 (mm)
Lower link linkage Cat. III / III – III / IV – IV / IV Cat. III / III – III / IV – IV / IV Cat. III / III – III / IV – IV / IV




    Due to the many point versions the HORSCH Cruiser can be used almost the whole year – for a ventilation of the soil in spring, for seedbed preparation for maize, for stubble breaking in summer and for seedbed preparation in autumn. The point angle allows for an ultra-shallow and all-over cutting at a low working depth. All point versions are available with the wellproven HORSCH carbide-tipping (HM) for a long service life.
    5 cm HM point 5 cm wide HM point: ideal for seedbed preparation and for the ventilation of the soil in spring – up to 15 cm working depth.
    8 cm HM point 8 cm wide HM point: ideal for stubble breaking, straw distribution and mixing, can also be used for seedbed preparation – up to 10 cm working depth.
    10 cm HM point 10 cm wide HM point: ideal for stubble and seedbed preparation on very light soils, perfect straw distribution and mixing of organic matter – max. working depth up to 10 cm.
    Carbide duck foot point Ideal for shallow mechanical weed control, all-over cutting – as of 2 cm working depth.



    To meet the requirement of flexible use for a tillage tool, new technologies and developments in this sector are essential. A tool for stubble cultivation needs a powerful tine that distributes harvest residues in an optimum way and guarantees good mixing. For seedbed preparation in the spring the farmer expects the highest precision with regard to levelling and at the same time high stability to break the topsoil from the winter furrow. HORSCH combines all these characteristics in a new generation of tines.
    With a release force of 150 kg and a trip release height of 20 cm the HORSCH spring tine constantly maintains the promised working depth of up to 15 cm even in the most difficult conditions. Due to the novel design of the spring tine the clearance of the Cruiser XL is increased from 600 mm to 700 mm. This allows for working without blocking even if there are high quantities of organic residues.
    The special geometry of the suspension of the new HORSCH spring tine allows for an easy upward release without a lot of movement in the spring. This novel technology eases the stress on the material and increases the service life considerably.
    To achieve the best working result, HORSCH offers the perfect point versions for the new HORSCH spring tine for any range of use – from the 5 cm wide chisel point for seedbed preparation to the carbide duck foot point for an all-over cutting during stubble cultivation.




    HORSCH offers the appropriate packer version for deep as well as for shallow consolidation. The choice of the packer always depends on the soil and HORSCH has a suitable solution for any type of soil. Consolidation compacts excessively loose soil, crushes clods and creates optimum surroundings with an optimum ratio of water-bearing and air-bearing pores.
    The new SteelFlex packer for the Cruiser XL was developed to guarantee more flexibility with regard to consolidation. The SteelFlex packer is a mix of SteelDisc and RingFlex.The SteelDisc roller first consolidates the soil deeply to obtain an optimum connection to the water supply. Then the RingFlex packer covers the surface with fine earth for an optimum germination bed.


    Bearing stub

    • Exchangeable bearing stubs at each packer
    • Simple, fast and cost-efficient
    • Bearing can be changed easily 
    • Bearing stub can easily be replaced if necessary

    Front support wheels 5 / 6 / 7 XL

    Chassis of the Cruiser 5 / 6 XL

    Chassis of the Cruiser 10 / 12 XL

    Flexible tyre packer with tires with AS-profile

    Optional harrow behind the packer


    One-row, spring-loaded disc levelling

    Hydraulic depth adjustment

    Pneumatic brake system

    Double support wheels Cruiser 5 / 6 / 7 XL

    Leaf spring levelling

    Single support wheel

    Intermediate Crossbar packer springs only in combination with levelling levellers

    MiniDrill seed distributor place the seed directly into the wet soil.













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