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The MiniDrill was developed to turn a tillage tool with only little effort into a precise seed drill.
It has a 400 litre pressurised hopper for an evenly high seed rate of 160 kg/ha. The pressurised hopper considerably reduces the segregation of special seed mixtures that are getting more and more popular. With the appropriate metering shaft, the wellproven metering unit of the Pronto transports the seed directly into the distribution system where it is evenly distributed by means of deflector plates in front of the packer. Due to their mode of operation our packers guarantee an optimum seedbed so nothing interferes with a trouble-free emergence.
For an optimum lateral distribution there are six evenly distributed outlets in front of or behind the packer till 3 m working width and 12 for working widths as of 4 m. For special solutions the MiniDrill Solo is available with a central fall tube, thus the MiniDrill can be coupled directly with a distribution tower. The outlets are supplied by the very smooth hydraulic fan that can do with 20 to 25 l/min and thus can be operated with any tractor.
The MiniDrill is controlled via the well-known operating screen of the HORSCH seed drills. Any ISOBUS-compatible terminal can be used. The application is controlled automatically via the speed and the lifting unit regulation of the tractor. The signal can either be taken via the 7-pole socket or optionally via a radar sensor.
Attachment options Terrano FX, Terrano GX, Joker CT, Joker RT, Cruiser SL, Cruiser XL, Focus TD


Of the Minidrill

  • Capacity: 400 litres
  • Pressurised hopper
  • Hydraulic fan with 20 l/min hyd req.
  • Wide range of rotors
  • Mounting kits for different machines with steps for a safe filling of the seed hopper

Fall sluice below the metering unit

Depending on the working width, 12 outlets guarantee an excellent lateral distribution

Compact and quiet fan

Deflector plate for optimum distribution of the seed in front of the packer

HORSCH MiniDrill*
Total weight, MiniDrill (kg)
Seed hopper capacity (l) 400
Dimension of feed opening (mm) 380
Filling height solo (m) 1.05
Single-acting control devices 1
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min) 20 – 25

* Technical data without mounting kit













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